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Helping local businesses to reach the world by web.

All businesses need online presence.

Regardless of what products or services your business offer, in todays climate a website is an essential tool to promote your business.

Businesses that are struggling with finances will find Quiksite a cost effective method of advertising their products and services.

Your Quiksite package includes a responsive website meaning you will be able to view and edit your website on your mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Our easy to use system is designed for the most inexperienced computer user, using a recognisable interface similar to that of Microsoft Word™. Never the less we are only a phone call away should you require our assistance.

Scroll down to learn more about Quiksite and how it can help to grow your business.

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Users no longer just use desktop browsers to view websites and browse the web. Quiksite will adapt your website for even the smallest screen, meaning your one website works on multiple devices.



A responsive website can automatically tailor the page layout to best suit the users viewing device. Thus giving them the best and most seamless experience on tablets like the iPad, consoles like Wii and many more!



If you're using a desktop browser on a fairly large screen, try re-sizing your browser to see how the layout changes on this page. If not, take a look at this page on your desktop/laptop and then check it out on a mobile device.



Three routes to take...



A responsive website can automatically tailor the page layout to best suit the users viewing device.

Advanced HTML 5

Use drag & drop features to build professional websites faster, easier and better than ever before.

Domain Name

Choose your own website domain name and give your business the professional look it deserves.

Email Accounts

Send and Receive emails using your domain name, and set them up on your PC, tablet and mobile devices.

No Coding

Our system has been designed for the most novice computer user, create stunning websites without any use of website coding.

Your Website

Add your business logo, change colours, text, backgrounds, pics & more to create your own unique website.


Create stunning galleries from your website, giving customers a clearer view of your business and it's sevices.


Our system comes with it's very own donating system so your viewers can choose to donate to your cause.

Social Networking

Link your website to your social networking with ease, and even share your pages, products and services from your website.

Contact Form

Create your own contact page on the website allowing customers to enqiure about your businesses and the services you offer.

Quiksite Plus


Use our online event booking system which allows users to sign-up for events directly on your website.


Create events that can be viewed from a calendar, and even add a countdown timer for the next event.

Blog & Articles

Due to the ever increasing popularity of online blogging, Quiksite will enable you to create unique Blogs, Articles and News items.


Easily create web forms with the help of a simple drag and drop editor. Perfect for creating application, enquiry and quotation forms.


Create a full portfolio of your works and integrate it with your site as a separate section.

Ad Space

Sell Ad-space on your website and track the hit counts and statistics for your advertisers.

The Process.


1. Decision

The first step is to decide which package best suites your business. If you are unsure about which package is best for your business then you can Talk to us via Live chat


2. Setup

This is the stage you can sit and relax. We'll begin by personalising your Quiksite, and link your domain name and emails up .


3. Content

You'll be able to login to Quiksite and manage your content and images at any time. You can also add image gallerys, YouTube videos, Google maps and much more!


4. Grow

Now your website is live you can track visits from the admin dashboard, this is very useful if you want to later begin an ad-words campaign.

Get in touch

Please get in touch with us for additional information about Quiksite and our services. We're based in Taunton Somerset. You can also call Us at 01823 299 149.